Allocation City: Campinas-SP, Home Office, Recife-PE. Brazil



    • Work with software developers of newly formed teams on the initial phases of the system/software architecture and design for new projects or new products; 
    • Assess, understand and help the team with the contextualization of a new project and its technical details, such as systems/software architecture, technologies, standards, etc.; 
    • As a technical lead, be a reference when communicating with the team and stakeholders (including the client); 
    • Navigate through all layers and technical aspects involved in the product in order to provide adequate support to the team; 
    • Actively interact with Encora architects and technical leaders to leverage Encora’s collective knowledge and experience to aid the team, as well as to collaborate with other teams; 
    • Help define and document practices, methodologies and processes relevant to technical teams, improving Encora’s knowledge base; 
    • Hands-on programming or pair-programming when needed; 
    • Mentor less experienced team members. 

    Essential Skills 

    • Experience with Typescript, NodeJS, Python programming languages; 
    • Versatility to learn and navigate through frontend and backend, as well as across all DevOps infrastructure involved; 
    • Experience in designing and implementing distributed software systems; 
    • Experience with public cloud infrastructure and services, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.; 
    • Experience with scalable, distributed and highly available systems architectures; 
    • Experience with NoSQL and SQL databases; 
    • Experience with agile software development. 


    Highly Desirable Skills  

    • Experience with extracting, processing and modeling data; 
    • Experience in creating scripts for querying and manipulating data in SQL database; 
    • Experience in developing ETL routines (Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading); 
    • Experience in AWS Tools (AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, AWS Athena, AWS S3, AWS EC2); 
    • Experience in Sequelize ORM; 
    • Experience in PostgreSQL; 
    • Experience in Apache Arrow and Apache Parquet. 
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